Things I’ve Thought About in Quarantine (Part 2)

  1. My old WattPad stories were AWFUL.
  2. I really do love writing stories. It has by far been one of my favorite past times during this whole sha-bang.
  3. I want an best friends to enemies to lovers trope in my life.
  4. Bouncing off no.3, I love Catradora.
  5. I used to think that my face was gross before, but now, I KNOW.
  6. I don’t like cosplay as much as I should as a “cosplay tiktoker.”
  7. If I wasn’t so “popular” (ugh vomit) on TikTok, I would have given it up for YouTube by now.
  8. I will never be as successful as I was in Summer 2017.
  9. Life simply,,,,doesn’t want me to have good things.
  10. My twitter is hilarious, and everyone should follow me on it (@apieceofkatec).
  11. Fanfiction is still a form of literature as long as it is written well and not like a middle schooler who searched “boobies” once wrote it.
  12. Watercolor art is therapeutic at 4 in the morning.
  13. Walks through the woods in my back yard at 6 AM hit different.
  14. If my music or whatever takes off, I’m 100% dropping out of college.
  15. Oh! I’m assistant directing an opera this fall! I have no clue about operas or directing, so this will be interesting.
  16. I haven’t texted a single soul in like five days, and I am oddly okay with it.
  17. Even though my embroidery skills are garbage, I’m thinking about making a mask and embroidering it with someone–maybe something She-Ra or Sally Face themed.
  18. Sally Face is my coping mechanism. Also, SF introduced me to punk rock/metal/rock music, I am not complaining.
  19. Learning how to make that whipped coffee has CHANGED my life, fr.
  20. I hope Daniel Howell is doing well. I mean, I gotta check in on the person I got literally most of my personality from.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I haven’t made a single new YouTube video because I have no editing software (and I’m also super lazy).

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