Welcome to my blog!

This has truly been a long time coming, and I apologize in advance for the incredible amount of typos you will see as most of these will be written at ungodly hours in the night. I have been wanting to make a blog to update you on my life for months! I always hate making long videos about my shadiness and my lack of productivity on social media (primarily TikTok and YouTube), so I think this is a much better medium!

This blog will harvest multiple types of posts. There will be life updates, monthly favorites, short stories, and anything else I want to post. There will also be very serious posts about my feelings, so IF YOU DON’T LIKE THOSE TYPES OF POSTS, JUST SKIP OVER IT AND DO NOT BE RUDE. It’s so trashy when someone think that they are the only person that these blogs are for. I love to open up to people, but if someone is going to go and ruin that, I will stop in a heartbeat.

While I am here, I am going to ask you to support me on my Ko-fi page!

Ko-fi is a website that helps you support your favorite creators by donating to them about three dollars! When you donate to me on my Ko-fi page, I will create a huge end-of-the-month shout out post for those who have donated and will put your name at the end of my video for that month!

I am so excited to be creating for you! I love doing what I am doing, and I hope you enjoy this blog!

So to all my gentlemen, ladies, and non-binary babies,

Goodbye! (For now)