A little update on Emilie

Hey everyone!

I am so astounded by the love you all have been giving my story thus far. I know that I have not yet dived into the story of Emilie, but once I get a break to edit my passages, I will deliver a new part to you lovely people!

I would briefly like to shout-out a few people that have been so supportive of this story.

Isaiah S.,thank you so much for your kind comment! It really made my day, and I hope to brighten your day as well with these stories.

SMAG, I appreciate your support regarding not only my story but my videos! It really excites me to see my “fans” (I hate that word) encouraging me across both of my desired mediums.

I love to see all of your nice comments on my stories. You all are the reason I love to create. Speaking of creating, I have been debating making a Patreon to help support my content. I hate asking for money, but mo’e money means mo’e goodies for you all.

In regards to GOODIES, the holiday season is on its way, and I wanted to release something you all would want to receive/give for a present! If you follow me on TikTok, you have probably seen my post about merch ideas, but if you haven’t, I will post the photos here for you all to see. Comment to tell me which ones you like the most! Keep in mind that I am no expert when it comes to drawing, so the prompts are merely rough drafts. I hope to ask one of my friends to help me out with getting a good looking design fabricated for you all!

Overall, thank you all for the love and support! I could not ask for better readers/viewers!

Much love!

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